Trilogue (Mumuth, Graz)

For this project, the dancer Ursula Graber and the visual artist Pol Monsó Purtí carried out a series of experiments with live motion capture and projections with a 2.5D camera. Meanwhile, composer Diego Jiménez Tamame worked on the integration of the live audio processing system during several intensive work meetings and joint rehearsals. Trilogue Trailer […]


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Ursula Graber

Ursula usually has an eclectic approach in terms of style in the making of her pieces. His piece Tonit’e I will’e danc’e (2016) is a comic-dance performance. In the collaborative work Totem (2017), socio-cultural, tribal and ritualistic contexts are shown. In Trilogue (2017), digital technology and dance merge.

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Pol Monsó Purtí

Pol has developed several applications using 3D image processing and artificial intelligence over the last decade. Mixed his knowledge in Telecommunications, Audio Engineering and Computer Science, contributes in artistic projects using three-dimensional information, live motion capture and re-projection.

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Diego Jiménez Tamame

Diego graduated in Composition at the Superior Conservatory of Music of Aragón (CSMA), with Jesús Rueda, Agustí Charles Soler and Eneko Vadillo as the main professors. He is currently studying a Master’s Degree in Composition at the Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Graz, Austria, with Beat Furrer as professor.

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Critics-review at tanz.at

Critics-review at tanz.at by Eveline Koberg @ June 25th,  2017 “ Gut, dass auch eine Reminiszenz an unsere digitale Welt nicht fehlte – war sie doch nicht nur sehr gut gemacht, sondern auch anregend und offen genug für unterschiedliche Interpretation: „Trilogue“, Komponist & Electronics: Diego Jiménez Tamame, Visual Artist: Pol Monsó Purtí, Tanz und Choreographie: […]

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